Paediatric Surgery

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Pediatrics is a medical concept that encompasses the medical treatment of infants, children and teenagers. Pediatrician is a medical practitioner who works in this area. Often pediatricians operate in super specialist clinics and are primary care doctors. Undoubtedly, there are variations in pediatric medicine between adults and infants. Their body sizes are distinct and parallel to improvements in maturation. Doctors often take note of this disparity by observing symptoms, prescribing medications and recognizing the condition.

We have a team of workers to look after all the premature babies. Our Paediatrician is there to welcome the baby when he’s born. We have nurses qualified to take care of the baby with loving care. We have a routine vaccine schedule for infants, which is twice a month during the year. Both possible vaccines are available for children. We also support you to have your baby born registered with the proper authority.